Based on a fictional cosmetics company, English School London is a new fashion brand that’s pioneering a new wave of creativity. With a completely bizarre yet brilliantly unparalleled concept, English School London manufactures screen-printed pieces and incorporates minimalist graphics and ambiguous references into one of the most unique lines to date.


Isamaya Ffrench and Josh Wilks are the brains behind the brand. Having first met on an enchanting trip to the New Forest, it seems that their connection was deeply anticipated and the two have and hence forth embarked on the most fitting creative partnership imaginable. “Back then I was an image maker who lacked the confidence to transfer the ideas in my mind onto paper, while she on the other hand couldn’t care less about the paper but suffered pangs of self-doubt when it came to assessing the initial concept,” said Josh in conversation with Another Magazine.

After the most compatible endeavour in the New Forest, it seemed more than necessary for the duo to combine forces and set the sail on their artistic journey. Wilks’s background in print design and Ffrench’s experience as a make-up artist has not only prepared them to be expertly proficient with the idea of a new clothing label, but it has also liberated them from the strict boundaries of make-up art and has acted as an ideal escape route into other artistic mediums.


Their new venture has begun. With strong references and unique campaign imagery, it seems that the fictional cosmetics company is brought to life through the brand. “Initially we had this idea of making uniforms for ourselves since we were always getting make-up on our clothes – you can’t wear nice things around Isamaya! We didn’t want the leap into new territory to be too alienating to people who knew Isamaya as a make-up artist so we decided to incorporate that factor into the first designs. Then basically we just developed the idea further by adding more and more of a backstory to the concept until it became the branding of this fictional pharmaceutical company,” said Wilks.

“Our dream is to use [English School London] as a tool for creative endeavour that can keep pace with our ever-developing personalities. We have no interest in designing seasonal collections that take months to organise – neither of us wants to spend our days on the phone to factories asking about trimming and dye samples. We love the idea of maybe designing shoes (something I’m already doing for a big shoe brand), or shooting a look book that has absolutely nothing to do with the clothes. It gives us a legitimate outlet to explore other ways of working, like we also have these random ideas for short films but nowhere to put them, English School now gives us that platform.”