Jack Davison captures the "progress of time" for Noon Magazine

Jack Davison’s offering for the SS17 issue of Noon fills a minimalist backdrop with a medley of personalities. Marked by the magazine’s theme of “time”, Jack’s painterly sequences and burgeoning narratives bring forth his signature style with a hint of enduring modernity.

“We used the issue’s main theme of time as our jump-off point. We wanted to try and show the progress of time throughout a single place, hence the repeating series of thumbnails that run throughout,” Jack tells It’s Nice That. With playful composition and a darkened colour palette, each image represents a somewhat disturbing – although highly beautiful – representation of a day.

There’s something about these photographs; whether it’s the contingent appearance of a newborn, frosted portraits or the surreal arrival of random objects, each spread captivates and engulfs the senses into a freakishly honest representation of that moment. So much can happen within one place, which is exactly the thought that Jack tries to portray within the series. “You’re seeing different measures of time, such as how the space changed over the space of a day and how each individual filled that space minute to minute,” he says.

With all but two plinths decorating the marble-esque floor, set designer Thomas Bird built a “simple space” in which to base the whole shoot. “Each person we photographed made their own mark on the space, whether that was by painting blocks, throwing wine or setting fire to a print at the end,” Jack explains.

This self-taught London photographer has graced our presence on various occasions for his exceptional work, notably as one of our Ones to Watch in 2016and cover photographer for Printed Pages AW16. It’s clear to see that’s he’s continued to develop his impressive portfolio, but all the while remain true to his experimental mischief through the lens.